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From: Batlin/Mr Craftsman
ID: oE.eO1Bc3/E
Date: August 13, 1999 at 1:37 pm
Subject: To ALL players on SP!

Hello! I play as Mr Craftsman on Siege Perilous. I am a GM Smith and provide armor and weapons at VERY low prices. Recently, another GM Smith, named Adrick, who resides in Britain, has been threatening the services I provide to you, the players of SP. He is devising methods to hurt my business production, which in turn, hurts your chances of buying low priced weapons and armor for me! His latest scheme is to pay a bunch of people to buy GM Long Spears and Halbards from me, (which I sell for 50 gold), and utilize my entire ingot bank just for these types of weapons, which would prevent me from selling other Arms and Weapons to other honest, deserving players! He is upset at me because I mine my own Ingots, and pay nothing for them, so that is why my prices as so low. I also enjoy helping out other players (I was even a counselor at one time), and I really do enjoy help you guys out. I just wanted to make you aware of Adrick on SP and his tactics to undermine my ability to provide low cost armor and weapons to the players of Siege Perilous. You can decide on your own how you want to handle it, wether you don't buy from him, spread the word about his dishonest business practices, or whatever, I just wanted to make you all aware of him! Anything bad Adrick says about be is a total lie. Ask any player who has bought from me, and they will tell you how honest, fair and kind I am. For proof of his sinister plot, check out the following URL: cob.xrgaming.net/bboard/messages/4359.html
Mondains Hand also appears to be in on this little scheme.

Thank you for your time!

Batlin/Mr Craftsman of Siege Perilous
ICQ: 3214466
Email: [email protected]


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