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From: Basil
ID: Jb9yvlNgUxI
Date: August 13, 1999 at 12:42 pm
In Reply to: What exactly is your definition of "Spirit of SP?" And...
Subject: Well, let's follow the logic here oh clever one...

One character per account.

Why do you think this was done?

Just so OSI could enjoy $9.95 extra a month? I don't think so.

It was to prevent MULING. I think everyone here knows what a mule here I don't need to try to explain it to you or try to justify the definition. Its pretty clear.

Your Smith is a mule.

Therefore it goes against the designed fabric of SP wherein if someone wants to be a GM Smith there should be a real life person on the other end spending ALL of his/her time on SP doing that.

At least Adrick is following the spirit of SP and I tip my virtual hat to him for the hard work he put in in getting his GM smith.

Of course the more time you ToM guys spend on SP is less time you can spend on the other shards so I guess there is a bright side to everything.


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