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From: Adrick
ID: VVpn/MW9lnw
Date: August 13, 1999 at 2:22 pm
Subject: Here is where mr craftsman goes wrong

What is wrong with me buying his items and alot of other people buying them? Not a damn thing

If I dont buy them at that low price I am a fool - what I am attemtping to do is drive the cost of Mr Craftsman so high that he has to adjust his prices to the fair market value.

He has every right to sell them at 50 or even 1 gold or give them away. But he has to do it for everyone or he ia a fraud.

That is all I was saying - I worked very hard to get GM smith - so did alot of other people - I was able to provide GM weapons and armor to people sooner than Mr Craftsman - I am not in the smithing business to get rich - I am in it to pay back my miners and provide weapons and armor to people at a fair price and whenever they want them.

I have given so much stuff away it isnt even funny. I have worked hard for where I am at and any smith who competes against me should do their homework and price items to what they are valued at correctly. Something that is undervalued will be overbought.

And if other Gm smiths on SP are concerned about Mr. Craftsman what does that tell you? If he prices fair its all good - if not we (I) will see that he does - one way or another.



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