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From: Adrick
ID: VVpn/MW9lnw
Date: August 13, 1999 at 2:08 pm
In Reply to: To ALL players on SP!
Subject: We all are your customers

Including me. I plan on telling my customers to come see you on all items that are underpriced - and you cant tell me a gm long spear at 50 gold is not underpriced.

What is your problem? you said 50 gold - you can make a fortune tonight selling your customers long spears - unless of course you are full of crap and then I dont see how you can say you are there to help your customers.

I am confident in my prices. I lowered them as more and more smiths started selling. For a couple days I was the only smith they could come to and I never gouged prices -

All of my repairs on my weapons and arms are free - I still smith for ingots and deal fairly with the customers.

Just remember when you set prices that other smiths will want to buy from you if they know they are wrong. 50 gold for a long spear? It takes 12 ingots and is a 10% exceptional item. On average it takes over 100 ingots to make one - I for one plan on stocking up on them so I dont have to waste customers time making them.

Now had you said 250 gold for long spears I wouldnt care - price your items at fair market value is all I ever asked.



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