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From: Adrick
ID: Zfhpzo85Qfw
Date: August 13, 1999 at 08:03 am
Subject: To all the GM Smiths on SP - all 9 or so hehe

I think I have established myself pretty well in the city of Britian. I have no problems with other Smiths setting up shop there what so ever - because all of my customers know me and know I deal fairly.

I have been watching the price war here of late - it doesnt bother me. I spend 0 time mining - I can get an Ingot delivery in 5 min over ICQ. I have 15k ingots on reserve on my pack horse and two bank accounts. Now some of these other smiths are saying they mine themselves so they can sell cheaper. Sure - you never sell below what you can get for the ingots in town - otherwise you might as well just be a miner.

Just dont sell under the current market value of Ingots - I have spent several hours with all of the stratics data on smithing and when someone asks me for a kryss I know damn well what the base is in ingots and the base cost is with ingots averaged at 2 gold (31 gold).

I am networked with several merchant groups - that is when they get someone asking for a smith - I get the nod - and when someone asks me for a tinker - they get the nod. If A smith is selling in Britian - I know about it - and if his prices match mine Im happy - I got alot of ICQs last night saying A guy in purple was over there, and Mr Craftsman was at the bank - and Iron Will was here etc.

I have adjusted all of my prices - I no longer am the only smith in town (brit)

Ive seen alot of good prices on most items - I have noticed some smiths selling plate for 1k and 1.2k (all marked) - funny when I ask them for 10 suits they cant do it - thats 10k in their pocket - why not? because they dont have 7500 ingots - I sell my plate for 1500 to 2500 depending on if I have the item in stock or not. Ive sold three suits now. Thats the only wacked out price Ive seen is the plate - every thing else looks good.

Anyway - My current smithing hours are 5:30 pm est till midnight 7 days a week. Best of luck to you :)

Adrick - GM Smith of Brit - SP


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