Interview with Carly "LadyMOI" Staehlin-Taylor
conducted by Lum the Mad

LadyMOI is the Online Community Manager for Origin Systems, Inc.

[LadyMOI] Hiyas. :)

[Lum] So how do you feel, loading up a message base and seeing the most popular thread being "Oh my god, LadyMOI is actually hot!"

* LadyMOI beams.

[Lum] You don't feel objectified, or like a piece of used meat, or even wondering about the word "actually"?

* LadyMOI cackles.

[LadyMOI] There's something of a cross between.. "I guess they thought I looked like a troll before" and "Wow! They think I'm cute! YAY FOR ME!"

* LadyMOI chuckles.

[LadyMOI] I think anyone would like be regarded as attractive.

* LadyMOI looks around the room.

[Lum] Speaking of that room, what is a typical day at the office like for you?

[LadyMOI] Lesse.. typical day is come in.. fire up the PC, load up Outlook and check out the headers of the mails.
[LadyMOI] Scan for urgent or fire mail..

[Lum] "fire mail"?

[LadyMOI] "This has to be taken care of RIGHT NOW"..

[Lum] Don't they ALL say that?

[LadyMOI] laff

[Lum] I bet they will all say that NOW...

[LadyMOI] Not always no..
[LadyMOI] We prepare a lot of stuff in advance.
[LadyMOI] Then I check out my todo lists...
[LadyMOI] What's due this week, how far along is such and such a proposal.. what content is still needing to be written..
[LadyMOI] We have several bits on the website that have to be updated regularly... the spotlights, for example
[LadyMOI] I make sure those processes are all still cranking along
[LadyMOI] I touch bases with all the different departments and make sure everyone has what they need...
[LadyMOI] I filter new web requests through to the web team...

[Lum] Do you actually write those, or do you have a team of crazed weasels hidden in a closet?

[LadyMOI] cackle
[LadyMOI] The spotlights?

* Lum nods

[LadyMOI] Players write them.. we just pick one and edit it and get screenshots...
[LadyMOI] We write the requests for them.
[LadyMOI] Between Cal and I, just about every news bit, shard issue, tip of the day, and so forth get written
[LadyMOI] Cept I just hired a new Content Writer/Editor and she'll be doing most of that kind of writing, to free up Cal to spend more time hanging out on boards
[LadyMOI] answering questions there and getting to know people

[Lum] For which hundreds of obsessive Dev Boarders thank you.

* LadyMOI grins.

[LadyMOI] Yah.. Cal is enjoying quite a bit of good attention himself. I think he's doing a great job.

[Lum] Has anyone given him a pair of Speedos yet?
[Lum] Don't answer that.

* LadyMOI blinks owlishly.
* LadyMOI grins.
* LadyMOI faints.

[Lum] What experience do you have with MMRPGs, MUDs, MOOs, etc.?

[LadyMOI] I starting mudding in 92
[LadyMOI] I flirted with MOOs and MUSHes and the like, but my heart is true to MUD

[Lum] What kind of mud? diku, lp, merc?

[LadyMOI] LP Mud
[LadyMOI] I was a complete addict
[LadyMOI] 16 hours a day

[Lum] Do you still log into any of them?

* LadyMOI nods.

[LadyMOI] Two actually.
[LadyMOI] Moral Decay and Nanvaent
[LadyMOI] I play a monk on one and a thief on the other

[Lum] What sort of mudder are you? Combatant, Explorer or Socializer?

[LadyMOI] achiever/socializer
[LadyMOI] I very much enjoy watching my character evolve over time.. and I do a lot of guild participation, show owning.. the like

[Lum] Have you ever logged into UO?

[LadyMOI] Yup
[LadyMOI] I bought the Charter Edition in Feb 98

[Lum] What did you think of it as opposed to other MUDs?

[LadyMOI] As a player, I'm something of a number cruncher
[LadyMOI] with a little powergamer thrown in.
[LadyMOI] Not an exploiter, really.. but I like figuring out the BEST way to do things, by examining how my numbers change as a result of my actions
[LadyMOI] I felt like I couldn't get enough of that information from UO

[Lum] Well, there's this thingie called UO Assist...

[LadyMOI] Plus, I'm a rabid emoter

* LadyMOI jumps on Lum's back and gets a ride.

[Lum] Well, there's a quote for the website

* LadyMOI giggles.

[LadyMOI] There's something very pure about text
[LadyMOI] When did UO Assist come out?

[Lum] About a year ago, I think.

* LadyMOI nods.

[Lum] It's been out quite a while... I'm a powergamer myself, and got it for two things
[Lum] Skill tracking
[Lum] and turning off those [email protected]##[email protected]!# bards

* LadyMOI grins.

[Lum] speaking of which, what kind of music do you prefer?

[LadyMOI] I prefer punk rock music... and power pop.
[LadyMOI] I should say 'silly' punk rock is my favorite.

[Lum] Rock Lobster!

[LadyMOI] B52's indeed

[Lum] well, B52s weren't really punk then, I guess

[LadyMOI] heh
[LadyMOI] not really
[LadyMOI] but definately silly
[LadyMOI] They Might Be Giants

[Lum] hey, they aren't punk, they're like unclassifiable.

[LadyMOI] put a little birdhouse in your soul
[LadyMOI] not to put to fine a point on it
[LadyMOI] say I'm the only bee in your bonnet
[LadyMOI] sorry
[LadyMOI] I get carried away

[Lum] heh.

[LadyMOI] I meant they were silly like B52s

[Lum] Well to get slightly on topic, what is your opinion of the MMORPG market at this time?

[LadyMOI] How do you mean exactly?
[LadyMOI] good?bad?strong?poor?bad idea?

[Lum] Well, I mean in terms of other games besides UO... Everquest, Asheron's Call, some of the newer ones being announced
[Lum] like them? hate them? never heard of them?

[LadyMOI] Ahh I see
[LadyMOI] Well, I'm not a first person.. or even 3d fan personally
[LadyMOI] I'm blind in one eye and the whole depth perception faked thing gives me serious vertigo
[LadyMOI] But.. in general.. the idea of more MMORPGs coming to market is cool
[LadyMOI] I'm a fan of online gaming in general
[LadyMOI] whatever kind of game it happens to be
[LadyMOI] I like the idea of people doing things together
[LadyMOI] I like the idea of people from across the world doing things together
[LadyMOI] philosphically it fits in really well with my idea of GOOD :)

[Lum] are there any coming out that make you say "Argh! I can't wait for them to be released"?

[LadyMOI] No.
[LadyMOI] The thing that is difficult about them is the time factor
[LadyMOI] You have to do some serious investing of time in most MMORPGs right now to have an enriching experience
[LadyMOI] and I'm pretty low on time right now.

[Lum] (By the way, I'm getting all sorts of bug reports from the patch in another channel... I bet you're glad you're hiding in an IRC chat right about now...)

[LadyMOI] Doh. I'm sorry to hear that.

[Lum] I've heard you get mad if people don't refer to you as LadyMOI or LadyCarly in the office, any truth to it?

* LadyMOI cackles wildly.


[Lum] How is your social life affected by your work?
[Lum] Do prospective dates know that you have web-based shrines and fan clubs?
[Lum] If they did, do they run away screaming or just back away quietly?

[LadyMOI] Hrm.. most of the people in my social life don't have any idea about what I do
[LadyMOI] I try to explain it.. and they don't get it most of the time, but they have a sense that it is cool.

[Lum] So you don't explain to prospective dates that pictures of you on the web are hot commodities, I take it.

* LadyMOI grins.
* LadyMOI shakes her head.

[Lum] What are your favorite shoes?

[LadyMOI] Chuck Taylors
[LadyMOI] (converse low tops)
[LadyMOI] how goth is THAT?!?

* LadyMOI cackles like a bloodthirsty vampire.

[Lum] I have a guild member who can't stop discussing your shoes
[Lum] I think it's kind of a weird thing.
[Lum] He made me ask that.

[LadyMOI] nod
[LadyMOI] He said that they didn't have buckles
[LadyMOI] but they do
[LadyMOI] and they're not doc martens

[Lum] They looked like doc martens to me.

[LadyMOI] they're cheap payless vinyl varieties
[LadyMOI] I paid 5 bucks for them about 4 years ago
[LadyMOI] They crack me up

[Lum] I didn't stare at them, or think I really needed to do a shoe analysis.

[LadyMOI] The threading is actually FAKE.. it's just molded plastic
[LadyMOI] good shoes tho
[LadyMOI] They're my second favorite

[Lum] So what about this UO2 thing, anyway?

[LadyMOI] UOT2A is the second age of Ultima Online

[Lum] Um, no, Ultima Online 2
[Lum] You know, the game OSI reserved domain names for, is advertising job openings for, that Richard Garriot talked about at the last Austin player lunch...
[Lum] That UO2.

* LadyMOI cackles.

[LadyMOI] What's the question?

[Lum] So what about this UO2 thing, anyway?

[LadyMOI] What do you mean?

[Lum] Every time anyone asks about it they get "no comment".
[Lum] I mean, it's starting to get scary.

[LadyMOI] not everytime
[LadyMOI] So, what's scary?

[Lum] Just the total blackout about it.

[LadyMOI] I mean.. Origin has two major properties right?
[LadyMOI] Ultima and Wing Commander

[Lum] Well, don't forget Space Rogue!

* LadyMOI blinks and does a flip.

[LadyMOI] Origin has publicly stated that they're going Online only for the future
[LadyMOI] To assume that there will be future titles based on these two properties is prolly a fair bet
[LadyMOI] There is absolutely nothing about those future titles that can be said right now.

[Lum] Why not?

*** Disconnected Session Close: Wed Aug 25 14:43:14 1999

Session Start: Wed Aug 25 14:43:28 1999

[Lum] That was rude.
[Lum] Now I'm REALLY scared.

[LadyMOI] huh?
[LadyMOI] wha?

* LadyMOI looks around.

[LadyMOI] What was rude?

[Lum] I got dropped from IRC right after I typed "why not?"
[Lum] I'm calling Agents Mulder and Scully about this one.

* LadyMOI rubs her hands together and tries to snicker as quietly as possible.

[Lum] Anyway.

[LadyMOI] anyway

[Lum] Let's get back to a safer subject.

[LadyMOI] k :)

[Lum] Who do you consider the hottest Dev Team member?

[LadyMOI] Oooooo... married folks included or excluded?

[Lum] Included

* LadyMOI grins while she mulls it over.

[Lum] That way you can pick one and be totally safe!

* LadyMOI ponders.

[LadyMOI] Well, our new Producer, Jason Bell, is a very attractive gentleman.

[Lum] You picked the BOSS?

* LadyMOI grins.

[Lum] Hoo boy.

[LadyMOI] He's not my boss.

* LadyMOI laffs.

[Lum] What is your favorite not-UO-related web site?

[LadyMOI] Great question!!

[Lum] Thank you.
[Lum] I came up with it myself.

[LadyMOI] Would you classify favorite as most often hit, or the one with the content I most often enjoy reading?

[Lum] The latter.

[LadyMOI] yah.. that's a good one.
[LadyMOI] hrm tho
[LadyMOI] Really... I don't have a true favorite.. I like searching Alta Vista on weird topics ...
[LadyMOI] that's prolly my favorite thign to do online
[LadyMOI] like cheetos +serial killers

[Lum] Two things that go great together!

[LadyMOI] Oh yeah!

[Lum] OK, one final question, then you can go answer all the "I NEED ACTION NOW!!!!" email about the patch.
[Lum] If planetquake ever comes out with, will you join all of us in a suicide pact?

* LadyMOI grins.

[LadyMOI] You know there is an RPGplanet now right?

[Lum] I know, I posted a Red Alert Help Us Dangermouse alert about it.
[Lum] But they are pretty much EQ only right now.

[LadyMOI] that's the same guys tho, innit?

[Lum] Yeah, same guys.
[Lum] The Borg of online gaming.

[LadyMOI] 3d

* LadyMOI giggles.

[LadyMOI] You know, I was a planetquake trivia question for awhile

* LadyMOI remembers the old days.

[Lum] oh yeah, one more thing, about the old days... do you miss having a .plan file?

[LadyMOI] The question was: Who is the only female on planetquake with a .plan file.
[LadyMOI] Yes, I do miss having a .plan file.

[Lum] Well get Runesabre to make you one.

[LadyMOI] heh

[Lum] Or that guy who does the LadyMOI web shrine.

[LadyMOI] we don't have a public server which one could finger
[LadyMOI] security and all that

* LadyMOI grins.

* LadyMOI does flips.

[Lum] OK, well we both have to get to work... nice chatting with you even if you DID somehow nuke me off the server

* Lum scowls.

* LadyMOI winks at you playfully.

[LadyMOI] Nice talking with you, too LUM

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