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As an effort to cater to those of you who want to read no more of this awful website than you absolutely positively have to, we at LumCentral ("Developing libellous websites since 1999!") have developed a system of unique pictograms in each news header, useable even by the functionally illiterate, to designate at a glance whether or not you actually want to read a news update. Perfect for the busy executive on the go!

This symbol, which I like to call Mini-Me, shows you that the news update is another useless news update of use only to myself and maybe three or four other people that I know. Mini-Me ...completes me.

This symbol indicates that the news story is related to Ultima Online. Ultima Online is a game. You have fun in Ultima Online. Really!


This symbol indicates that the news story is related to Everquest. Everquest is a game that everyone, including me but not including every other reader of this page, is currently playing.

This symbol, which probably is making most of you go "What the hell is that thing? It looks like some kind of satanic witch thing" actually indicates that the news story relates to Asheron's Call, which I am allowed to talk about now. Before, if I wanted to post about Asheron's Call, Murm would threaten to kick my ass. Murm is scary.

This picture of Keanu Reeves, the world's greatest and smartest actor, indicates that the story is about Dr. TwisTer, Ultima Online's and now Everquest's noble benefactor and protector of truth and goodness.

This picture of Neve Campbell indicates that the story is about LadyMOI, the Official Online Community Manager of this website. And of yours, too!

This picture of Jake Lloyd, who plays young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars - The Phantom Menace, shows that the story is about the UO GMs, many of whom stood in line to watch The Phantom Menace.

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